Week One:
• Registration with Parent Orientation
• Problem Solving Skill Building

Week Two:
• Core Values
• Problem Solving Skill Building
• HEALS Basic Training

Week Three:
• Problem Solving Skills Building
• Power Quest Training Level 1
• Smart Emotions 1

     PowerQuest is a program that heps teens manage the emotional ups and downs of their parents divorce. We help teens with feelings of guilt, anger, resentment,sadness and depression. We teach them healthy ways to regulate their emotions and improve their self esteem.


Week Four:
• PowerQuest Training Level 2
• Smart Emotions 2

Week Five:
• PowerQuest Training Level 3
• Smart Emotions 3

Week Six:
• Practicing PowerQuest at Home
• Smart Emotions 4 & 5
• Parent support & Graduation


Based on the work of Dr. Steven Stosny, teens will practice and develop skills that will kick in automatically whenever they are dealing withstrong emotions. PowerQuest includes several "Smart Emotions" segments to improve emotional intelligence. In addition to building their emotional core strength, students will also build confidence in their  ability to solve everyday life problems with ease including the ones associated specifically with divorce in the family.